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If your not gonna invest in some bones bearings then grab yourself some NMB's. These little puppies are just as good as any other cheap branded ones if not better. They last for ages and at 1 each are easy to replace if they get too wet or dented, or just over used. Make sure you don't make depressions in the casing through over tightening when putting them on your board. NMB's might feel a little slow first off as there is quite a lot of grease inside the casing. Tanking round really fast or bombing hills for a few days should burn off a bit of grease and speed things up.*THESE COME SINGULAR IF YOU NEED MORE ADD MORE AT THE BOTTOM (8 FOR A FULL SET UP)*Note: ABEC 7 million PleaseABEC - Stands for Annular Bearing Engineering Committee. These dudes set up a comity to rate the tolerance of bearings. Which is basically the gap between two moving parts. (we're talking hair widths and less here) As this gap is so small, many factors, such as smoothness of the rolling contact surfaces, ball precision, and material quality are obsolete. So if your a machine gunner in Afghanistan on the back of a snatch land rover this may effect you. But if your a skateboarder and are crazy about ABEC size then burn your board and buy some rollerblades.


  • Brand: NMB
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